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** Translation by Janice Laureyssens - VZW Centrum Info & Aktie - Belgium

by Peter Siebelt

The Presidents wife in short

Gretta Duisenberg, born Nieuwenhuyzen, is married to one of our most prominent figures, Wim Duisenberg, president of the European Central Bank (ECB). Her spontaneous flag action embarrassed her husband enormously. It was not the first time she embarrassed prominent people, her friend at that time in September 1982 was Hans van Mierlo, Minister of Defence, and shadowed by BVD. (State-security)

The motive,  Grettas obscure contacts we already told you about in this article.

Since she traded in Van Mierlo in 1987 for Duisenberg, Gretta kept out of the limelights.

Until Wim Duisenberg announced  in February this year that he would stop being President of the European Central Bank in July 2003.

From this moment on, Gretta is an active and open solicitor for the Palestinian cause.

Although she denies the time of her involvement if it happens to suit her. Or is it more convenient to have some loss of memory now and then?

So she said to Algemeen Dagblad (Newspaper) on Mai 29th, that she was actually not active for the Palestinian cause, but this would change now, I am considering to join the Palestinian committee. We already had a contact en we are very enthusiast.

Gretta is a liar, she conceals or twists.

This year, April 13th, about one and a half month before the interview with the Newspaper, she was walking at the head of an anti-Israel demonstration, arm in arm with  Palestinian  woman from Jenin. On this occasion, she bought a Palestinian flag from the Palestine committee.

Few Dutch people will soon forget the images of this demonstration.

The (as always) well informed police expected five hundred participants, but nearly 10.000, some from other countries, showed up.  Proud Arabic fathers with little boys on their shoulders with plastic machineguns. Screaming woman in long dresses and head veils, walking along behind baby-carriages and Arabic youngsters all carrying portraits of Osama bin Laden. Arabic flags and the shouting Allah al Akbar determined our road view. Israeli, USA and Great-Britain flags were burned. A few dozen carried bill-boards with swastikas and Hitler forgot one: Sharon!

The demonstrators yelled: Sieg Heil!, Hitler, Hitler! and Hamas, Hamas, all Jews on the gas!

One Molotov cocktail was thrown to a discotheque. A man with a kippah (skull cap), standing on the sidewalk was beaten up by the Muslims.

And to conclude all this,  they smashed store windows, plundered several stores, a bus-stop and phone-booths were demolished. Five police-horseman and two members of the mobile security were wounded by stones, sticks and bottles.

Gretta got the taste of it, went home and hang out the Palestinian flag on her balcony.

One of the organizers of this demonstration, Abdou Menbhi, participated  in a baiting-campaign against Pim Fortuyn. The Moroccan Menebhi said in an interview not to exclude the possibility that actions against Pim Fortuyn would follow or against political parties working with him in the future. We can not except everything, he said three weeks before Pim Fortuyn  was shot.

Menebhi has a very good relationship with a less refreshing figure; Ibrahim Al-Baz, a former smuggler of explosives for Al Fatah. Al Baz was not only the orator on the demonstration were Gretta participated in, but on the 4th of Mai, she announced him on a anti-Israel  discussion-evening organized by Van Broekhoven,  GroenLinks (GreenLeft) Haarlem. Gretta presented this evening, and the attendants kept three minutes of silence for the victims of World War II and the Palestinian victims. An NRC-journalist asked about her cooperation with a former terrorist and she reacted very astonished.

She answered that she met him this evening for the very first time, and she didnt know him as a smuggler of explosives.

To refresh Grettas memory, he went a little bit further back in time. To be exactly end seventies.

A time she still was married to Bédier de Prairie, an internist. In this period she was a close friend to, of terrorism suspected, Pakistani Eqbal Ahmad, a communist that stood on the cradle of the Palestinian movement in the Netherlands.

Gretta was an often seen visitor in his office in Amsterdam.

Thats were she became friends with Edward Saďd, a prominent leader of the Palestinian National committee.

Tell me who your friends are en I will tell you who you are,  said journalist Jan van Klinken, about the woman who claims that she had no relations to the Palestinians before.

But Ahmad and Al-Baz are not the only mouldy figures in Gretta s past and todays surroundings.

Grettas apples.

More than one Adam fell for the apples of the 59-year old Gretta, she was born during the World-War II as a daughter of a Haarlem police-inspector named Nieuwenhuyzen.

Gretta married a famous internist Bédier de prairie, a father of her three children. She worked as a night nurse in the Wilhelmina clinic and later as co-ordinator with AMC.

In the seventies and eighties  she visited on a regular basis the Transnational Institute (TNI) in Amsterdam. A left-radical center specialised in discussions about the Middle-East, South-Africa, Nicaragua and Chili.

Jan Pronk, Relus ter Beek, Eveline Herfkens, Klaas de Vries, Van der Louw, Harry van den Berg are, or will be associated to TNI.

Pronk became one of the most important financers. Through his department they received hundreds of thousand guilders. In those days was TNI a daughter-company of the Institute of Policy Studies in Washington. Together they kept close relationships with the Cuban dictator Fidel Castro en with rebels all over the world.

Herfkens will be an important source of information to TNI, not only as a member of Parliament but also as a member of the World bank. Nowadays TNI is one of the most important thinkthanks behind the anti-globalists.

The Pakistan Eqbal Ahmad is the founder.

Everybody is welcome

In November 1973 Ahmad arrives at Schiphol with one-way-ticket to the Netherlands and a Pakistan passport in his pocket. He chooses Amsterdam because its within reach and because of its tolerance.

The, in Washington established Institute for Policy Studies, instructed him to put up a European dependence. A house in the Paulus Potterstraat is ready for him. The  left wing in the Netherlands receive an other thinkthank and action center, that will help them to realize drastic changes to the society in the Netherlands.

Activist from the third world, will walk in and out from now on.

In NCR Handelsblad Ahmed made his plans clear on November 24th 1973, I think that nothing will change unless we overthrow the capitalistic society. Everybody is welcome, communists, troskists etc

He was overjoyed,  because in the Institute they were all the same.

To Ahmad China, Cuba and North-Vietnam are liberators.

But the Pakistan did not come to Holland just to create closer relationships between left persons and groups, but also on  account of the big support from the Netherlands to the president of Chili, the communist Salvator Allende.

Six weeks before Ahmeds arrival in Holland, Allende got killed, and in 1973  Holland was an ideal basis to support the opposition refugees.

Who is this Eqbal Ahmad?

He was born in 1933 in India, under British government at that time. Pakistan did not exist yet. His father was a communist, he got killed by family members, afraid for their existence threatened by his activities.

Ahmed takes over his fathers political preferences and got into trouble.

In 1947 he and his brothers went to the new State of Pakistan. But the joy didnt last very long. In Pakistan they suspected him of having relations with terrorist organisations. The Pakistan government issues a warrant for his arrest. The next regime demands death penalty and to an other government he remains persona non grata.

After a brief stay in the United States of America, he goes in the sixties to Algeria, were he joined the uprising against the French colonials.

It is very well possible that he met some Dutch communists over there.

Back in the USA he teaches at the Universities in Princeton, Illinois and Cornell. After a very provocative lecture that included the six-days war between Israel and the Arabic States, he was no longer popular within the workgroup.

Meanwhile he was active against the war in Vietnam.

In 1971 he was prosecuted for supposed abduction of Henri Kissinger.

Since the sixties is Ahmed one of the most important policy-maker for the Palestinian cause.

He writes anti-Israel articles and has a great deal of sympathy  for extremist groups, such as (Volks-front voor de Bevrijding van Palestina) Peoples Palestinian Liberation Front (PLFP).

Several Dutchman, people like senator Pormes (GreenLeft), are visiting the camps of the PLFP or are being trained by them.

Ahmad is a well known acquaintance of PLO-leader Arafat and professor Edward Saďd.

In 1976 Ahmad puts down his function as  TNI-director, but keeps playing a very important role.

He returns to the USA, and throws himself completely on the Middle-East conflict. In 1999 Eqbal Ahmad dies in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Gretta Duisenberg met Ahmad and Saďd in the seventies. She must have been very well updated about their activities. She was, according to a well informed source, present at a seminar in 1981 with Saďd as chairman, where they were trying to receive recognition for the PLO.

An explosive brief-case

The second director of the TNI is Orlando Letelier, Minister of  Foreign Affaires in the Chili government of Allende (1970-1973) and ambassador of Chili in Washington. Letelier takes over from Ahmad in 1976. His arrival brings Gretta under the sphere of influence of anti-Western intelligence services, such as the KGB, Stasi and the Cuban DGI.

Half a year after his appointment, the Amsterdam office receives a shocking message from TNI Washington. Letelier was visiting TNI Washington and a bomb in his car ended his life.

Before that, he was in Amsterdam attending to a conference, discussing alternative socialist models against the growing conservatism in the West. Only three weeks later, on the 21st of September Letelier finds death.

Four days later, sympathizers are holding a protest march  from the American Embassy to the Embassy of Chili in Den Haag.

The mayor of the PvdA (Labour party communists) in Rotterdam is walking along and gives a speech at the end.

What was the background for the murder? After the military coup in Chili, Letelier is the spokesman for the opposition. His appointment as TNI-director in the tolerant and Allende-friendly Holland was seen as a threat by general Pinochet and Western intelligence services. Because Letelier was also a secret agent for Cuba. They suspected it for a long time, but was   definitely confirmed when the police found Leteliers brief-case in the wrecked car. The brief-case contained documents as proof that he received on a monthly basis 1000 dollars from Cuba.

The daughter of the murdered Salvador Allende, Beatrice was, under the codename Tati the financer from Cuba.

She married the chief of the American Department of the Cuban communist party.

The American Department is a sub-division of the Cuban Secret Intelligence DGI.

In the Netherlands cross-connections exist between TNI and the under-cover organization Venceremos.

TNI hardly started with her activities in the Netherlands, or Tati came to visit in December 1973 as head of the department economical affairs and fundraising for the Chilean opposition in exile that is established in Havana.

She had conversations with the top of the PvdA, Jan Pronk, Chileen refugees en the notorious Marxist Piet Reckman.

Reckman gives her a cheque for 100.000 guilders as a support to the opposition in and out of Chili.

Its worth knowing that the Dutch board-members of Venceremos, an under-cover organization of the Cuban intelligence, such as Dorien Baerends and Harold Suivas, visited Cuba in Mai 1975 on a regular basis  to get further instructions.

They met, not only Palestinian scholars but also Tati Allende. PLO-members were regular guests of the Cuban authorities.

From Leteliers explosive brief case it appears that he also had contacts with Russian and East-German diplomats in Washington and New York. The East-Germans did play an important role in a network of the Chileen opposition. Letelier had also connections with the World Peace committee, an under-cover organization of the KGB.

During the months that he was director of TNI, he had negotiations with trade-union leaders and important politicians.  Especially PvdA gets his attention, he meets the member of the Second Chamber (specialist foreign affairs) Ter Beek and the minister of Development Pronk. These contacts are very good for TNI-activities over the years, it brings up millions of subsidies.

By the way, one of Leteliers first victories by TNI when he first arrived was the new start of the project The new economical Order.

A project we will talk about when we come to the role of Wim Duisenberg as president of The Bank of the Netherlands.

Philip Agee

Letelier is not the only Cuban agent protected by IPS/TNI. Philip Agee also comes to Amsterdam.

Agee has a career of  twelve years in the American CIA behind him when he was forced to resign in 1969. Cause: drinking, indecent proposals to the wives of diplomats and a very creative bookkeeping.

After his resignation he comes out  for his communist ideas and turns out to be the most aggressive enemy of the USA. He offers his services to the Russian KGB, but was accepted by the Cuban Intelligence DGI.

Castros regime invites him to Cuba, and they planned on publishing a book about the CIA. After several visits to the country, Agee cant hide his admiration for the Cuban system.

Because the ground under his feet was getting to hot for him in the USA, he fled from America and went to Great-Britain. Here he was intercepted by British IPS/TNI-fellows. In London he has regular  deliberations with the first secretary of the Cuban embassy, Humberto Torres Rodriquez, he is responsible for the operations within the Cuban Secret Service in England.

During his travels he had contacts with Cuban agents in Algeria, Spain and Italy.

In 1975, in collaboration with the KGB and DGI, appears his book Inside the Company. C1A Diary 7. These memoirs contains long lists with names of persons and organizations.

One of the persons that Agee pointed out as an CIA-agent, was Richard Welch. In December 1975 , a Newspaper in Athens published his name in connection with the CIA.  A short while after that, two unknown man shot him in front of his house.

Apart from that, did Agee advise in his publications to dispose of the CIA-agents if they were not expelled?

Soon after that, the British authorities gave Agee on November the 15th in 1976 an order to leave the country.

He and his European friends tried to make a stand against the charges from the authorities.

In vain:

After long procedures he has to leave the country in June 1977. Meanwhile TNI Amsterdam invited him over. The TNI-director offered him a study grant to complete his publications on the CIA.

On the June 3rd Agee  arrives in Amsterdam, he lives there for a long period on the premises of TNI. By an article in Vrij Nederland (Free Netherlands) he was offered humanitarian help by the Anne Frank Foundation.

Very soon, Gretta becomes Agees confidante. The money he got from TNI was not very much, but sources in the underworld told us that Agee got some money now and then from an other friend of Gretta, the Pakistani Mushtaq Malik.

Malik was in the middle of the seventies one of the biggest drugdealers in the Netherlands. He visited Gretta often at home in the Berhard Zweerskade.

PvdA-members whom were simultaneous member or sympathizer with TNI, took care of Agees coming to the Netherlands and arranged it that he could stay. Amongst them we find Jan Pronk (Minister of Development at the time), Relus ter Beek, Eveline Herfkens and Harry van den Bergh. The oecumenial theologian Albert van den Heuvel also helps a bit.

Van den Heuvel is a powerful man, he is head of the communication of the World committee of Churches and board member of the Dutch reformed Church, Vara-chairman and NOS- board functionary (television). The cabinet of Joop den Uyl (PvdA) gives Agee a residence permit for three months, under condition that his activities will not damage public order nor the relations to other countries.

The government and the Dutch Intelligence Services didnt make their homework or they didnt care. After three months they finally understood that Agee continued his destructive activities as he did in England.

A few months later Holland gets a new government and in 1978 January the 25th , Agee can no longer get a permit to stay in Holland.

But then Agees henchman became active. PvdA-man, Harry van den Bergh becomes Agees solicitor. For juridical assistance he calls up on the left lawyer, mr. W.J. van Bennekom.

In 1978 on February the 2nd a special debate in the Second chamber was entirely devoted to the matter of Agee. But in spite of the sharp pleadings in favour of the Cuban agent, the new government did not give in.

But never the less, he didnt have to leave the country immediately. He got enough time to settle some business.

Smart as he is, he secures his safe haven. He married,  March 1978 on the 13th in Amsterdam, an American singer Gysela Ingool, his third wife. Thanks to this marriage  he can settle down in Hamburg, where Ingool has a permit. His witnesses to this marriage were Gretta and Basker Vashee. Also Grettas new friend, Hans van Mierlo was present at the wedding.

A few months later, Agee presents his new book during the eleventh communist World youth Festival in Havana. Five Dutchman stand beside him: Hans Groenewegen (NCSV), Klaas Breunisse (Suriname Committee), Bert Ernste (South Africa committee), Otto Meulenbeek (Organization for conscientious Military objectors) and Elwin Lissone (Democratic Youth Front).

The CRM ministry contributes 10.000 guilders for his journey.

Pronk is also present, just like Mrs. Allende, the Zimbabwe guerrilla fighter Joshua Nkomo and PLO-leader Yasser Arafat.

All of them are sitting together on a podium of honour.

Pronk is an important contact for the Cubans. He has not only taken care of financing the under-cover organization Venceremos in the Netherlands, but also he transferred  millions for Development-aid in Cuba, in his function as Minister of Development.

On this particular moment hes no longer Minister, but still important enough to be invited by the Cubans.

The conference did not only draw attention to the Palestinian cause, but it was also the basis of a project to weaken the strong Western economy from the inside.

An old project from Pronk and his teacher Jan Tinbergen, was polished and presented as a new weapon;  the establishment of a New Economical Order (NIO). One of TNIs most important projects, a plan launched by Letelier.

An entracte

The late Letelier is succeeded by Basker Vashee as TNI-director, and soon Gretta gets on very well with him. She even helped him with his marital problems.

Vashee was born in 1944 in Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe. His parents came from India.

When he was 14 years of age he already became a Marxist guerrilla fighter for ZAPU, supported by  Castro and the Russians.

After ZAPU was prohibited, Vashee operates under-ground and ends up in prison.

In 1966 he was expelled from the country and he takes off to England.

After a few years study in London, he starts working for a sister-company of TNI in the city, the Counter-Information Center (CIC). Meanwhile Vashee is the official representative for ZAPU and the Patriotic Front in Europe. The Front is a co-operate between two Zimbabwe guerrilla movements, ZAPU and ZANU. The leader of ZAPU, Joshua Nkomo, is also a guest in Grettas house.

Vashee soon becomes a good friend to Philip Agee. So its not so odd that he, as director of TNI, offers him money and shelter in his office in Amsterdam. In 1987 he resigns of health-reasons.

But he is staying with TNI as Africa co-operant.

Together with Jan Pronk he gives advise to TNI and becomes a member of the Advise committee in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Further more he gives lectures on the Free University of Amsterdam, he is editor for the master-organization of EU-NGOs in Brussels and founder of  the Association for African Professionals in the Netherlands.

Since he has so many contacts,  subsidizing his activities is not a problem.

But whats probably interesting, Vashee is co-founder and board-member of the TNI-daughter Transnational Information Exchange, an organisation campaigning against banks.

The contours of Wim Duisenberg appears on the horizon.

Dear Minister

Spring 1982, an other man comes into the life of Gretta.

She was at a party in the Amsterdam house of her new lover Van Mierlo.

Outside are BVD-agents making notes of the car registration-plates from the guests.

The BVD was investigating TNI.

Van Mierlo is Minister of Defence and responsible for the actions of Secret Service Intelligence at the time.

The BVD-actions in connection with the relationship between Gretta and Van Mierlo draw the attention of the Newspaper De Telegraaf on September the 2nd in 1982. The article on the front page lead to questions in the Chamber and Van Mierlo went through anxious moments.

Away from the fact, Agees aggressive way of working against everything that smells like Western Secret Services, he also had vivid discussions within TNI about militarism and disarmament.

Examinations to the Navo and USA strategy and their mutual relationship are on the TNI-agenda.

So Gretta was the best girl in town for Van Mierlo.  

Van Mierlos contacts with the TNI-circle, have infected him as it did Gretta, with the Palestinian cause.

Thirteen years later, he is the source of commotion as Minister of Foreign Affairs, when it comes out that he has secret contacts with Palestinians in East-Jerusalem.

And this, in spite of Israels  demand  to keep away all foreign politicians. Israel has made a point that deliberations with Palestinians are to be carried out on territories led by Arafat.

One year later, Van Mierlo provokes the Israeli again, when he comes to visit the Palestinian Orient House in Jerusalem during the fragile peace-process.

Meanwhile not only the Dutch  stream of subsidy flows to the Palestinian territories, but also the anti-Israel sphere was created in the Netherlands as well as in the rest of Europe.

This finally ends up in a demonstration with Gretta and her Palestinian flag.

By the way, in 2002 Van Mierlo was in a committee for recommendation of the Foundation Kifaia, that offers medical help in Gaza.

Meulenbelt told NRC Handelsblad (Newspaper) in June 2002, 19th: There is not much left from a terrorist suicide bomber, but we would help them.

The President

In 1973 the year TNI  was established  in Amsterdam - Wim Duisenberg (PvdA)  became Minister of Finances in the Roman-red Cabinet Den Uyl, until 1977.

While he was Minister he makes a tremendous effort to become chairman of the Interim Committee for the International Monetary Funds  (IMF). He was very disappointed when it didnt work out. His (later wife) Gretta hates the IMF, inside TNI is it a disputed item.

After she and Duisenberg got married in 1987, she confesses; I dont like IMF very much.

But if Wim has to go to Washington, than Ill have to go with him and Ill behave myself.

In 1982 Duisenberg  becomes director of  the Bank of the Netherlands.

That very same year, TNI invests more attention to the international banking and the debts of the Third World.

The project is part of a socialist favourite subject, the New International Order (NIO).

TNI-assistant and Venceremos-member Jan Joost Theunissen, co-ordinates NIO activities and gives a course about this subject.

The Church is also involved, by Marcos Arruda. This man is TNI-member as well as prominent member of the World council of Churches.

Theunissen is keen on asking Duisenbergs meaning about the International Banking world in an interview. This conversation was published in 1984, in the Prize of debt, the International financial crisis and the Third World a publication of the PvdA-thinkthank, the Evert Vermeer Foundation.

Duisenberg was extremely proud to announce that he was not only the director of the Bank of the Netherlands, but also member of directors to the Bank for International Payments in Basel.

This is a circuit of central banks and within this framework operates the Group of Ten, the ten most wealthy central banks, they stand behind IMF as a sort of  buffer. We meet each other every month and on operational grounds we have a daily contact. Said Duisenberg.

TNI knows where to be!

Theunissen starts with numerous lectures and information evenings about the debts of the Third World. He draws the attention of the media by giving back-ground information or writes the articles himself.

He also co-ordinates a working group on International Finance.

Through this workgroup TNI has her tentacles inside companies and Institutes.

Members of this group are working in Dutch banks, Ministry of Finance, Development, media and politics.

Two years later, in 1986 something happened that did put an interrogation-mark behind the question of Duisenbergs integrity.

After the publications and the Chamber questioning about the affaire between Van Mierlo and Gretta it seemed as if the relationship between them cooled off.

Only a question of time. Their relationship was to much in the spot-lights and Van Mierlo had to watch his steps. Time for Gretta to expand her horizon. 

The journalist Jan van Klinken writes about Gretta and TNI: For Gretta is was very simple to find new game on the highest level , because in 1986 she met the boss of the Bank of the Netherlands, Wim Duisenberg. Whether she tried to arrange appointments is not known, but its a fact that a work group from the counsel of Churches, working closely together with TNI, was received by Duisenberg. The conversation was about the debts in the developing countries and the role of the banks.

How did it come to this conversation?

During a day of study in Den Bosch, the Church-branches from TNI-network come together.

The meeting is about the business of multinationals and the influence on the Third World.

Especially banks get a lot of attention. The participants of that day will force the banks to follow an different policy in view of the debts.

Therefore they want a discussion with the ABN, AMRO-bank and RABO-bank. But before they want to go in discussion with the banks they want to be prepared. According to Josef Bergmans of the Dutch Mission council today it is going about business. How can we work and put up a structure to collect data. Background information  (even confidential) is important.

And where is the best place to get it?

Not so difficult. Friends enough, especially with PvdA. Eveline Herfkens is a keen partner and Jan Pronk is besides his membership also chairman for the Advice group of Economical Affairs of the Third World of Churches. (AGEM).

AGEM supports the actions taken to reform the international financial system and recommends the churches how to invest their money, and how they can influence authorities.

So, it is not all that surprising that TNI finds an open door by PvdA-man, Wim Duisenberg.

Officially the working group for the Council of Churches in Holland did send a letter in 1986, December 15th to (?) the president of the Bank of the Netherlands. Dr. W.F. Duisenberg.

According to the letter the working group wants to have conversations with representatives of the four largest Dutch banks. It looked rather a good idea to talk to someone before this meetings as preparation, someone with a excellent view on the role of Dutch banking, the President of the Bank of the Netherlands.

As reassurance they (Herman de Lange of the Dutch council of Churches and Greetje Witte-Rang of the Oecumenial Study Foundation and Action Center for Investments (OSACI) underlines that the work group does not plan to make an official report of this conversation and that they are not going to publish it.

Sounds good, but never the less there is a speck of dust in the air. In an other texture of Greetje Witte-Rang we hear the real meaning of  all this. Cant we, just like Brecht said, become traitors and give away the secrets of those in power, whom we met as middleclass people, betray them to the victims, the real actors? thus Witte-Rang, who is in 2000 member of staff in the (church affairs) OIKOS, an important policymaker in the alternative banking circuit and in the international actions against the established bankingsystem.

In 1987, February the 5th, an conversation takes place in the office of the Bank of the Netherlands in Amsterdam.

Two government functionarys are present, bank president Duisenberg and foreign director A. Szasz. The work group is represented by De Lange, professor B. Goudzwaard, Chr. Wisman, Nico Roozen, A. Hoelen and Witte-Rang. According a report of this meeting, Duisenberg hands over a map to De Lange, a map with information about the matter of debts.

At the same time, they immediately agree that the workgroup will mention the meeting with Duisenberg in their report, but never reveal the content of this conversation.

Duisenberg! One could expect a more distant reaction on the letter, and surely that he would take care of his integrity and that therefore the question not to reveal any contents on the interview would not be necessary.

About the content of the map, he gave to De Lange, is no information known. But there is no need for that. The fact is that an official functionary has secret get togethers with left activists.

In that very same year, 1987, he marries TNI-Gretta.

And the banks?

The TNI-network pushes up the pressure. It seems there was a pithy conversation with NMB-Bank about second hand debts, Josef Bergmans said they made de bank crawl through the dust.

According to the network the action against the banks have an éliteist character, and will broaden out if this approach has no success.

What do they mean by broaden out?

The anti-bank-activists write angry letters. Many of these angry letters are model-letters, only to be signed by disturbed clients.

The activists are holding hard actions, such as interrupting shareholder meetings and smashing windows.

And Grettas husband?

This man was nominated in 1998 to be the first president of the European Central Bank (ECB). Everything goes smoothly until he gives an interview in October 2000, to a British Newspaper The Times.

In this period the euro is under pressure and the ECB had to intervene several times.

Duisenberg was interviewed on the day that two Israeli soldiers were lynched in Ramallah.

The bank director makes it more or less clear that there will not be any more intervention of the ECB to stop the fall of the euro.

After this interview the euro plunges into an interim lowest point. His pronunciation in the Newspaper was taken very ill by the European leaders.

In which context he said those words is not known, but it is not impossible that he spoke under the influence of Gretta.

Maybe she said something like this: Wim, let the euro plunge, thats the only way the EU will be forced to do something in the Middle-East. Because Gretta is not satisfied about the way Holland and Europe deal with the Israel Government and what they do to the Palestinian cities.

Gretta did always meddle in politics, that proofs an article Harry Mulish wrote in Volkskrant, he knows Gretta since the end of the seventies. According to the article is her influence on Duisenberg very big. And when it suits her, she doesnt shrink for nothing to interfere with her husbands career. Milo Anstadt from An other Jewish Sound, said: Gretta has a need to make people talk about her. She doesnt stay quiet in the back.

Meanwhile are TNI and the Church action groups the most important thinkthanks of the debt project that growed out to be the present anti-globalist network. The actions in the past is  the starting point to the riots in Seattle, Prague and Genoa.

The World Bank, the IMF, the G8 are being sabotaged and intimidated by Grettas friends.

Subsidized sabotage.

The PvdA, GreenLeft and SP take part in TNI meetings. Examples are Jan Brussee, responsible for the European Investment Bank with the Ministry of Finance International department, Paul Wind of the World Bank and Bert van Selm of IMF Interim Committee.

During the elections  on Mai the 15th , the voters made it very clear that they are tired of these untransparent  power structures. A new government of CDA,VVD and LPF were elected.

Not only do they have to clear an enormous  job, but they have to be ware of an underground campaign against them.

Left cannot process the election-defeat and is afraid that her subsidized network will be restricted  by the new Cabinet. Together with the TNI-network they  prepare a sabotage of the new government.

Just before this newsletter goes to the printing-office, on June the 29th ,  I sit in an over crowded Red Hat in Amsterdam. The left meeting center. A former church. The organ and the pulpit are still in place.

But for the rest, this is the ultimate example of which the murdered politician Pim Fortuyn meant when he said the left church.

More then thirty subsidized organizations , also TNI, talked about mobilising against the new Cabinet. GreenLeft, SP, the Young socialists and the Union FNV expressed their co-operation by bringing as many people to help.

Except infiltrating into political government partys, they point out the important partners in villages, municipals and provinces.

This was to be expected. But what worries the most is the fact that important people inside the CDA are part of this left network.

They will function as seeds of disruption within the party and the new government. The so called Christian organisations, NGOs including Pax Christi, IKV, OIKOS (the former OSACI), the Dutch Council of Churches and the CNV will play an important role.

If the new government will get a chance to realize the plans they made and to meet the wishes of the voters than it will be very important to cut drastically and in some cases withdraw the royal subsidizations of these organisations.

It is not the responsibility of CDA/LPF/VVD-coalition to support the richly subsidized working places for PvdA, GreenLeft and the SP-rank and file.

Further more the governments personal and people with the authorities are to be screened about their involvement in no parliamentary activities and if needed, they are to be removed from these posts.

Let us begin with the president of the European Bank, Wim Duisenberg.

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The Presidents wife by Peter Siebelt