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This photo that started it all...

The photo that started it all
The photo that started it all

On the day the Intafada broke out, Tuvia Grossman was riding a taxi to visit the Western Wall. He was unwittingly thrust into the international limelight -- and nearly killed in the process --

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The story of the death of the child Muhammad Al-Dura ...

The LIE that the Media built
The Lie that the Media built...
and UN believe

Muhammad Al-Dura, the poster child of the current Palestinian uprising, was not killed by IDF gunfire at Netzarim junction, according to an inquiry by the German ARD television network based on a study by Israeli physicist Nahum Shahaf. Shahaf analyzed all available unedited videotape from the area of the event, spoke with IDF soldiers and photographers who were present, and concluded: The Palestinians, in cooperation with foreign journalists and the UN, arranged a well-staged production.

The story of the death of the child Muhammad Al-Dura -- who, according to reports from world and local media, was shot and killed by IDF soldiers at Netzarim junction -- became the symbol of the intifada: the Palestinian martyr whose blood must be avenged by the Muslim and enlightened world. His death turned into a blood libel accompanying the terror and violence, and it became the altar upon which the good name of the people and the State of Israel was sacrificed during the last two years. The world was flooded with pictures of the dead child. As a result of, among other things, world incitement originating with the mantra: "Israel murders Palestinian children," the UN conference in Durban turned into a frightening anti-Semitic crusade.

However, the German television inquiry, based on Shahaf's own decisive conclusion, determined that Muhammad Al-Dura was not killed by IDF gunfire at Netzarim junction. Rather, the Palestinians, in cooperation with foreign journalists and the UN, arranged a well-staged production of his death.

Sources: IMRA


The Saudi initiative,
normal relations for 1967 borders

In setting out a broad proposal for a comprehensive solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict, Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah effectively resuscitated long-moribund hopes for a return to Middle East diplomacy...
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An open letter


Red Cross Ambulances
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used for explosives and weapons

Red Crescent Ambulance


Just what is happening on the Temple Mount...

Just what is happening on the Temple Mount?...


Palestinian Terror Museum
Terror Museum
with booths celebrating Israeli victims

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Palestinion Media Watch
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Media Bias

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Arab celebrations USA attacks


International Terrorism
symbols of terror
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ICT - Countering Terrorisms Global Reach
In todays global village, regional conflicts extend beyond national borders. The International Policy Institute seeks international cooperation in the global struggle against terrorism, paving the way for multilateral action against terrorist networks, benefactors, and states sponsoring terrorism. ICT is a research institute and think tank dedicated to developing innovative public policy solutions to international terrorism. The Policy Institute applies an integrated, solutions-oriented approach built on a foundation of real world and practical experience...



Reveals Holocaust War Crimes Documents
Nuremberg proces
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Rutgers Journal of Law & Religion will post documents from the Donovan collection to its web site approximately every six months...

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