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Although all of the listed crimes can not be directly tied to the Palestinians, the mid-east conflict has increased, actuall update by following link:

The level of activity around the world ...

History Repeating ...

In Europe "NEW Kristallnacht" of Violence against Jews?


Tunisia, Mombassa & Casa Blanca is,
"Failed attack on synagogue Charleroi"
Only SMALL NEWS in Belgium,
NO NEWS in Europe ...

Gasbottles (Photo GVA)

On Friday 13-06-2003 - An attack on the synagogue of Charleroi has been thwarted. A man tried to explode five bottles of GAS in its carriage in front of the synagogue. It failed by the fast interference of the fire department, communicates the counsel of prosecution in Charleroi.


At 11 o'clock a carriage stopped in front of the synagogue bldg. The driver put fire to the car with a track of petrol and took off.
Eye witnesses informed immediately the fire department nearby, which were fast on the spot to extinguish the fire. Afterwards, five bottles of GAS were found in the carriage, two bottles were open, but they didnt explode ...


The car burns complete out, there was No damage on  the synagogue.


The man has been grasped meanwhile by the police force. It concerns an inhabitant of Brussels of North African origin. Still, nothing has been confessed concerning his aims???


When someone sent me this article about a Jewish girl in Aix en Provence in France being accosted by three masked men who called her "dirty Jew" and proceeded to carve a Jewish star into her flesh, I couldn't believe it.
(The article appeared in Hebrew in the Israeli paper Maariv. I been to the website, and read it in Hebrew. Below is summary).
So I checked it with my daughter, who is in Paris right now.
Yes, she said. It's unbelievable. But it happened. The girl, Megli,
21, a student who lives in this quiet French city, had been to the screening of the film Decryptage, which shows how the French media has completely twisted and lied about events in the Middle East to support terrorist Muslims and defame Israel. Megli took part in the heated discussion afterwards. There were many Arab anti-Semites who wouldn't let her speak. She then went out with friends. When she came home, three masked men were waiting outside her door. They assaulted her, and carved the Jewish star into her arm.
The victim, who reported this to the local police says she's in shock. Asked if she thinks it's too dangerous for a Jew to live in France, she said: Anywhere in the world a Jew lives these days is dangerous."
Below, I give you an article about the wonderful French by New York Post writer Ralph Peters. I agree with Peters. France has to be punished. I'm going to start at home. No more Chanel, no more L'Oreal. No more wine. No more trips to Paris. No more of my cash turned into Euro's. No more. Let them all rot.
Naomi Ragen



March 12, 2003 -- THE government of France is fighting an undeclared war with the United States. The result will be the needless deaths of American soldiers in the Gulf. And the more Americans Saddam manages to kill, the greater President Chirac's satisfaction will be. The French pride themselves on their rationality. But the rabid anti-Americanism that has gripped the Parisian elite is a form of collective madness, spawned by jealousy, wounded pride and astonishing delusions about French power. To embarrass America, the French government is willing to destroy no end of international organizations and alliances. The real cowboys in this conflict are galloping along the banks of the Seine. 

In the end, the greatest loser will be France, since French power is as crumbly as Roquefort cheese. Paris isn't a "third force," but a third farce. French behavior in the current crisis is obsessive, not reasoned and ultimately self-defeating. 

In the short term, though, the bill-payers for the Gallic tantrum will be the additional American soldiers - as well as Iraqi soldiers and civilians - who will die because Paris has encouraged Saddam to believe the international community, led by France, will protect him even after a war begins. 

Thanks to Jacques Chirac, Saddam Hussein and his generals now see hope where there is none. At least some of those who would have surrendered readily will now fight. Saddam will pull every possible trick to excite world opinion against the United States, including staged atrocities. And our troops will have to kill men who otherwise would have surrendered. Some of our own fighting men and women will die in the process, all because France has led the Iraqi regime down the garden path. 

Of course, France will abandon Saddam in the end. But we must make no mistake about French culpability for the ultimate casualty figures. This is not a mere diplomatic tiff. At the highest levels of government, the French know what they are doing, at least tactically (their strategy is a dangerous, pathetic muddle). We cannot allow a French betrayal in so important a matter to go unpunished. If there are no consequences for French complicity in the deaths of young Americans, there will be no future for American diplomacy in Europe. 

Too smart for their own good, the French have upset Carl von Clausewitz's old dictum that "War is a simple continuation of politics by other means." For Chirac and for Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin, international politics is now a form of war. And their war is not against terrorism, or tyrants, or injustice. Their war is against the United States of America. 

The French would love to prevent the war in the Gulf, thus setting themselves up as the champions of tyrants everywhere and of Arab tyrants in particular. But Paris realizes there is really very little chance of deflecting Washington. So their essential goal is to complicate matters, to vilify America and to make the United States pay the highest possible price for any success it achieves, while remaining ready to capitalize on any American failures. 

When the war in Iraq ends with a decisive American victory, Chirac will put on his little C'est la vie smile and insist that our differences were nothing but a disagreement between old friends, something one must expect in our complex world. Meanwhile, he and his closest advisers yearn for a bloody American defeat. 

Nothing would please Chirac more than thousands of dead American soldiers inside the borders of Iraq, with Saddam alive and defiant. If this war goes badly, Chirac could have more American blood on his hands than does Osama bin Laden. 

Consider the practical effects of French cheerleading for Saddam: 

* Saddam should feel hopeless by now; instead, he has been led to believe that, even if war cannot be averted, he has a real chance of defeating the United States diplomatically by fighting our troops to a bloody stalemate. He believes - thanks to the French - that the more blood he sheds, the likelier he and his regime are to survive. 

* Saddam will be even more inclined to employ weapons of mass destruction on as wide a scale as possible, certain that France and his other supporters will excuse his behavior as an inevitable response to American aggression, not proof that he possessed such weapons all along. 

* The war is delayed, day after day, giving Saddam ever more time to strengthen his defenses, while American troops sit in the desert, watching Saddam wire his oilfields with explosives, dig in his troops and prepare a massive defense of Baghdad. Our troops are ready now, and each delay only weakens our readiness compared to that of our adversary. 

* The French support for Saddam encourages terrorists, Iraqi-sponsored or otherwise, to believe that wartime actions against the United States could have a decisive effect, given the opposition to American policy even among Washington's traditional "friends." 

The last point is easy to undervalue. Terrorists - and Saddam himself - do not live in our world of abundant, competitive information. Rather, they live in worlds of enthusiastic self-delusion and megalomania. The ruthless French defense of Saddam - an unspeakable dictator - has played into the fantasies of tyrant and terrorist alike, convincing them that they are stronger than they really are, that they are not alone, and that it is America which is evil and vulnerable. 

Readers may note that I have not even raised the issue of recent reports that French firms continued to help Iraq improve its armaments into the early weeks of this year. Although one of the many reasons the French do not want us in Baghdad is that they don't want us going through Iraqi archives and uncovering the extent of their complicity in Saddam's defiance of sanctions, the material aid French firms may have provided to Iraq is a trivial issue compared to the moral and diplomatic encouragement Paris has given Baghdad. 

Ultimately, this grotesque resurgence of French "diplomacy" will fail. France is weak, ill-defended and hated in Africa and much of the Middle East with a quiet hatred that goes far deeper than the topical anti-Americanism so much in evidence. Nor will its attempts to glorify itself at America's expense provide France with any security. The terrorists will not reward France for its pandering; on the contrary, I expect we shall see a major terrorist strike in France this year. The French do not merely live in a bad neighborhood - the bad neighborhoods live within France. The French are bribing their executioners in the expectation of mercy. 

We may hope - and pray - that the war against Iraq will be swift, with low casualties. But every American who dies in this war will have a French diplomatic bullet in his or her body. 

Ralph Peters has canceled his orders for 2000 Bordeaux. And he will cancel his support for the Bush administration if it does not punish France for its betrayal. 

NEW YORK POST is a registered trademark of NYP Holdings, Inc. NYPOST.COM, NYPOSTONLINE.COM, and NEWYORKPOST.COM are trademarks of NYP Holdings, Inc. Copyright 2003 NYP Holdings, Inc. All rights reserved

"Could I have the microphone for one minute to tell the people about my life?" asked the Iraqi grandmother...



If the Arabs put down their weapons today there would be no more violence.
If the Israelis put down their weapons, there would be no more Israel.

Germany announced its decision to stop all arms sales to Israel. Since then, other countries have followed suit. In retaliation, Israel has canceled its annual multimillion dollar contract for its nationwide DAN buses which were manufactured in Germany. Israel is looking at other bus suppliers in the U.S., and Japan. The Europeans and their Muslim allies should understand boycotts work both ways. When we said NEVER AGAIN, we meant it.

Europe is stuck in the mentality of 1933 and conditioned to think of Jews as defenseless entities. The reality is very
different. As long as Europe adheres to and supports its primitive death cult of the Middle Ages, European products are off limits.

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What is wrong in Europe, are they like Arabs more then they like themself?