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Had Fuji Co. removed Israel?
Fuji Co. DIDN"T removed Israel from its complimentary world map that they gave to their customers with the purchase. The answer is NO, in Fuji stores abroad you receive the world map with Israel, is fake!!! According to Fuji, we exist...

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About Middle East, by Apache Boy (Israel) 18.03.2002


Almost everything you think you know about the Middle East is untrue. For anyone who knows the regions geography and history, the nightly news bulletins are a torture to watch, with their soppy editorialising about peace and their depiction of Arab and Israeli as squabbling children in need of a clip round the ear from wise Western world statesmen.




For the past year, the founders of have shared with each other a profound frustration with the current situation in Israel. In June of 2001, we decided that it was time to do something constructive.

Through our effort we hope to bring worldwide attention to Yasser Arafat's continued failure to abide by his commitment to work with Israel to create a lasting peace in the Middle East. Mr. Arafat was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize based on these commitments, but has not been held accountable for his failure to implement them. It is our hope is that this effort will impress upon Mr. Arafat that continued international honor will elude him as long as he continues to disregard his promises.

While the revocation of the Nobel Prize would be merely a symbolic act, we believe that it can have a real effect on making Yasser Arafat understand that the world expects more then just words from its "peacemakers."

Please sign your name to this most important effort. Together we can take back the prize