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gretta & arafat
Photo - EPA
Mrs. Gretta Duisenberg, wife of the President of the European Central Bank, is notorious for her anti-Semitic remarks, and she has also made obscene jokes about the six million Jews that were murdered in the Shoa. Gretta is the leader of the Dutch anti-Israel movement. Yesterday, she paid a visit to Yasser Arafat, whom she defended as a champion for peace. Reacting on last Sunday's terrorist attack in Tel Aviv (for which Arafat's Fatah movement officially claimed responsibility), Gretta said to the press that she understands why Palestinians massacre Jews.
Mr. Duisenberg has declared on several occasions that he is supporting his wife all the way.
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Gretta Duisenberg had close relationships with Left wing activists.

By Charles Sanders and Alex de Vries - Translation by Janice Laureyssens - VZW Centrum Info & Aktie - Belgium


On account of her Palestinian sympathy the by death threatened Gretta Duisenberg, wife of President Wim Duisenberg of the European Central Bank (ECB), sympathised in the past with figures in the mouldy circuit of left wing activists.

Gretta de Prairie-Nieuwenhuyzen, as she was called in those days, kept close contacts with the in Amsterdam established Transnational Institute (TNI). The from terrorist activities suspected Pakistani Eqbal Ahmad was part of the staff.

The TNI is a left thinkthank conducted by Basker Vashee, activist of the Rhodesian Marxist Liberation front (ZAPU). Vashee called Gretta one of his best friends, as he declared many times. His ZAPU fought in Africa a bloody independence war against Ian Smith.

Gretta was also a confidante of Philip Agee, before she married Duisenberg in 1987.

This ex-CIA member became State-enemy nr.1 in the United States, after betraying identities of secret agents in former East European countries. Many of them were liquidated.

He lived on the premises of the TNI on the Amsterdam Paulus Potterstreet and was finally put out of the country (Holland).

But before that, he asked Gretta to be his best girl for his marriage to an American ballerina.

By her engagement to these friends Mrs. Bedier de Prairie was noticed by the Internal Security Department after she had a relationship with Hans van Mierlo, Minster of Defence.

Because he was responsible for all inquiries on Military Secret Service matters in Holland, the Americans became worried about leaking information to Agee and consorts.

The Flag incident

To the intimate, the flag incident for which Madame Duisenberg was responsible for, it  came not as a surprise, she always cherished a warm feeling for the Palestinians.

Police advised her not to give any more interviews after the threatening letters she received, but at the present time she and her husband are on their way to Montreal, where the ECB-president will attend to a bankers conference.

The European Central Bank is not very happy with Grettas action and the supplementary safety risks it includes, not only for Duisenberg but also for the entire personal. The bank has taken security measurements up to the highest level. The ECB-president never took any  distance in public about the actions of his wife.

Prof.dr.Herman Loonstein, as chairman of  Federatief Joods Nederland (Federate Jewish Netherlands)  who made a complaint against Mrs. Duisenberg for supposed anti-semetic racism, received death threats.

Several times and one very seriously said the lawyer. Mrs. Duisenberg received immediate police protection, I was left to take care of my own. It stings me especially that she hang up that flag in a district were 10.000 Jews disappeared in camps during World War II.

When her old neighbours from Amsterdam got killed by a bomb explosion in Jerusalem last year, she didnt hang out an Israeli flag.

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Gretta Duisenberg - Nieuwenhuizen, Her backgrounds and secret friends