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Friends Of Israel


In view of the present situation in the Middle-East, and of the various

debates this situation arouses throughout Europe, we, the undersigned,

friends of Israel, without any religious or ideological distinction, solemnly

declare, on this day of Israel's independence, that:


A "friend of Israel" is a friend of democracy.

Israel is the sole democracy of the Middle East.


A "friend of Israel" is a friend of peace.
The Israeli people, in its vast majority, yearns for peace. This has been proven by multiple efforts and concessions which remain unanswered to this day.

A "friend of Israel" is a friend of human rights.
We equally desire peace, welfare and democracy for all of Israel's neighbours.

A "friend of Israel" is a friend of the rights of women and children.
We denounce the use of women and children in any armed conflict.

A "friend of Israel" is a friend of the values of justice and equity.
These humanistic values are threatened by any form of fundamentalism.

A "friend of Israel" is a friend of Jerusalem.
As long as religious freedom, and any freedom, shall be respected by the State of Israel, we shall recognize Jerusalem as its capital.

A "friend of Israel" is a friend of non-violence.
Nothing can ever justify resorting to terrorism and hatred.

A "friend of Israel" is a friend of the free world.
We call upon the free world to favour the emergence of Arab leaders who sincerely seek peace and democracy and choose negotiation rather than confrontation.

A "friend of Israel" is a friend of the oppressed.
Israel is the land of refuge of millions of oppressed Jews.

A "friend of Israel" is first and foremost a friend.
Inspired by these ten principles, we declare on this day, Israel's day of independence, our solidarity with Israel and peace and security for all.

Shalom, Israel.

Copyright TFB 2002
TFB, 319 avenue Brugmann
1180-Brussels, Belgium

Friends of Israel