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Progress Report - July 2003

The Exodus-project Progress Report
July 2003

The construction of a specially designed trailer for this project, including a video montage studio and Internet service, has already begun. A Land Rover with satellite transmitter/receiver will be able to broadcast news directly to television stations, is ordered.

Our first assignment will be a documentary about the increasing anti-Semitism towards the Jewish people in Europe.[1] The documentaries will be offered to numerous TV- Stations and institutions. Belgian TV and the Coordination Forum for Countering Anti-Semitism in Israel have already shown interest.

[1] There has been a worrying trend of anti-Semitic activity in Europe in recent years including attacks on and harassment of Jews as well as physical damage to Jewish community facilities. France stands out as the country in which the greatest number and most serious incidents occurred in comparison with other European countries. These incidents included the torching of synagogues, the desecration of cemeteries, death threats and dissemination of radical anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli propaganda. Many but by no means all of the perpetrators of the attacks came from the Islamic arena, mainly from young North African immigrants.


We will broadcast those reports as we travel through various European countries on our way to Israel, and continue to broadcast documentaries and additional reports from Israel itself.

The aim of this project is to counter bias and misleading information that is constantly disseminated about Israel and Jews, in particular in Europe. The documentaries will also be sent to key members of the European parliament and to other political leaders.

We have several fundraisers who are working hard trying to raise much needed sponsorships. We also offer PR options to private and public firms. More publicity options will be available as the project develops.

Current sponsoring options are:

1.    Sponsoring the Mobile Video Studio. Our studio will attract a lot of international attention during the tour in Europe and on our travel to Israel and during our stay over there.

2.    Sponsoring the Reporting-car with satellite transmitter/receiver.

3.    Company publicity Spot for Company on the beginning of video film or a logo /mention in the generic.

If you are interested in participating or in receiving further information please contact: 

Centre for Info & Action

The Exodus-project Progress Report - July 2003