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The Exodus project aims to link together past, present and future of the Jewish people in general and of the State of Israel in particular. Israel was created in the aftermath of the most horrific crime ever committed by mankind. Its creation signified the victory of life over death, light over darkness, good over evil.

The Holocaust would have never taken place, at least would have never reached such horrific scale, if it were not for the criminal collaboration and callous indifference of people and nations. The deafening silence enabled Hitlers executioners to carry out their genocidal schemes.

It defies reason that roughly six decades after the Holocaust the Jewish people face daily threats comparable to the Final Solution. It is incomprehensible that the vast majority of UN nations invariably condemns Israel and supports its ruthless enemies. The silence and indifference of the 1930s and 1940s have been replaced by ignorance and hostility.

The Exodus project aims to serve as a rude wake up call to the nations of Europe, the continent responsible most for the atrocious crimes of the Holocaust. The original Exodus 1947 tragic journey stirred the world. There is more than a grain of truth in the title of Ruth Grubers book: Exodus 1947: The Ship that Launched a Nation. While it is impossible to emulate the historic 1947 Exodus it is our duty to do whatever it takes to alert the world to present day threats to the Jewish nation.

Concrete plans

The (the goals are lofty, the first-fase plans are concrete) journey aims to attract maximum attention. This is why we intend to approach Israel by air, sea and land. We do not believe in silent support - the Jews in Europe, in particular in Belgium, are afraid to rock the boat. We believe it is the only way.


During the project we are going to use our extensive media experience to conduct interviews and shoot films that are relevant to the trip from survivors of the Holocaust to young Israelis. After we arrive in Israel we are going to film a documentary showing sides of that country that are rarely seen on television. The fact the Israel is a multicultural society, how Israelis feel about their country, about the ongoing Arab Israeli conflict. We will attempt to sensitively film victims of terrorism and their relatives, to find out how they cope with the pain and about their hopes for a better future. We will try to convey why that tiny land has had such a momentous influence throughout history.

An important part of the project is to promote Israeli companies and products. The bold reply of Radix CEO, our friend Dov Shoham, to the Danish union leader who refused to purchase Israeli products, illustrates how the ideological and economical fronts are closely related when it comes to Israel:

But for the moment, when the Israeli military is behaving so rough in the Palestinian areas, nor I or my Union feel that it's is right to make business with companies from your country. Jens Peter Hansen (see: for letter and reply)

On the last leg of the journey, as we return to Europe, we will visit key European cities and promote our interviews and documentaries via various channels. 

Help required

We have been already fortunate in getting much help from pro Israeli bodies, volunteers and editors of websites such as and However we will require more support to ensure the success of the project, as outlined below:

1.      Financial support. We have already secured several sponsorships but we still require a substantial amount in order to finance the whole operation.

2.     Publicity is critical for the success of the project and we appreciate every help or suggestion in that regards.

3.     Intellectual input. We take on newspapers and other media channels that publish offensive and biased anti Israeli material. We are happy to help others who do so and clearly require support for that important and unpleasant task. 

Future plans

In the past we have filmed over two hundred documentaries. In the future we plan to utilize our energy, talent and experience to further the key issues dealt in the Exodus film project.

Exodus Filmproject "OLD History - NEW Vision"