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Terrorism NOW in Europe...


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More Terrorism since Post-Aqaba:
A Kassam rocket was fired at Sderot at 4:30 this afternoon. It landed on a house, but miraculously hurt no one. Other Kassams landed in and near Sderot during the night. They caused no damage There was light-weapons fire at cars near Netzarim, and a mortar shell near N'vei Dekalim. No one was hurt.

A 17th victim of Wednesday's terrorist bus attack in Jerusalem succumbed to her wounds last night. Tziporah Levy, 70, of Jerusalem, was buried today. Four other victims of the bus massacre were also laid to rest today: Alan Beer, 47, who recently immigrated to Israel from Ohio; Anna Or-Gal, 55; Bianca Shichrur, 63; and Ogenia Berman, 50 - all from Jerusalem. The name of one victim has still not been released for publication. Nineteen of the wounded are still hospitalized.

In Hevron last night, IDF soldiers demolished the home of the terrorist who carried out the Jerusalem attack. In addition, in Dura, near Hevron, troops demolished the home of a Tanzim terrorist who carried out a series of shooting attacks against Israelis. Israeli security forces arrested 13 wanted terrorists over the course of the night in Yesha.

A number of events in Jerusalem and elsewhere were postponed because of security considerations, as security officials continue to be on high alert. Hamas announced yesterday that Wednesday's attack was "only the beginning," and that even Prime Minister Sharon was on their "wanted" list.

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Exiled Palestinian militants ran two-year reign of terror in Bethlehem...

40 explosive charges terrorists hid in Church of the Nativity...

MOST Wanted!
Imad Mughniyeh


Attention, be patience for above link, server is very busy, but it's an good impression, of what was happend that day...

Stop Terror!
11 september 2001

Terrorists, don't sleep never...