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Operation Noah's Ark
Israeli naval commandos captured a ship in the Red Sea carrying 50 tons of weaponry destined for the Palestinian Authority in the early hours of Thursday, January 3. Included among the arms seized were rockets and missiles that could have reached Ben-Gurion International Airport and major Israeli cities from PA territory.

Israeli leaders said the smuggling operation had been initiated by the PA and had been carried out with the consent of Yasser Arafat. Israel also pointed to the involvement of Iran in the supply of the weapons. Both the PA and Iran denied any involvement. The ship was taken to Eilat where it was docked on January 4.
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Operation Noah's Ark

An old axiom says:
"If it looks like a duck,
walks like a duck,
and quacks like a duck,
then it probably is a duck."

Karine-A - Thursday, January 3 - 2002